Your Child’s Oral Hygiene is Important!

What would you do when your child’s pacifier drops on the floor? In most cases, parents unwittingly just gives the pacifier a good wipe down or rinse it with water before reusing, thinking that it is now safe and clean.

However, what most parents are unaware of is that though the visible dirt is removed, the microorganism i.e. germs or bacteria still remains on the pacifier. It is these very microorganisms that cause your child to be susceptible to illnesses.

What if your child pauses during feeding? Invisible to the naked eye, as soon as the food or milk is exposed to the environment it starts to decompose. What happens is that the feeding bottles, pacifiers that is damp and in contact with food becomes an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. What happens is that your child takes in these bacteria when he or she continues feeding. Your child gets poisoned.

Children compared to adults have a weaker immunity system and are more susceptible to food poisoning. Avoid this by sterilizing constantly & maintaining good oral hygiene.


So what shall I do then? Most of you may ask. It’s troublesome to constantly clean and sterilizer. What if you are outdoors and on the move?

We have the answer for you. Read on…

Do you Boil to Sterilize?

Most parent think that the with high heat, germs and bacteria on your child’s pacifiers and feeding bottle nipples will be totally eradicated.

Think again. Not only does this not fully eliminate the harmful germs and bacteria, it actually poisons your child overtime.

Pacifiers & Bottle nipple are made of Polycarbonate. When
 heated in extreme temperatures, this will cause harmful chemicals to emitted. This chemical is fatal, an Endorcrine disruptor. If not near fatal, the toxic chemical will impacts & interfere with your child’s growth, heart & organs. This disruptions can cause cancerous tumors and developmental disorders.

Let us introduce a revolutionary way of sterilizing that keeps your child safe.

Know that your Baby is kept Safe & Sound

My Tu-Tu UV pacifier and bottle nipple sterilizer was created to provide a solution to the impossible task of killing the germs. With the use of ultraviolet light, My Tu-Tu is able to kill bacteria, mold and even viruses within seconds by disrupting the cellular DNA of microorganisms.

UVC is a type of ultraviolet light known as germicidal light has long been used in hospitals to sterilize air in operating rooms and is now adapted to My Tu-Tu for a total solution to your sterilization needs.

With the introduction of MyTu-Tu parents are empowered with the control to keep their little ones safe and have the peace of mind that this UV sterilizer is made of the utmost quality material that best deliver the results that you and your baby deserves. Sterilize with confidence that no harm is brought about to your little tots.


HFMD – Isn’t so worrying after all.

It is an alarming and emergent trend that the number of hand foot mouth disease cases worldwide is on the increase.

Clearly, this demonstrates the need and importance of keeping good oral hygiene of your young ones.

With your new tool, no elaborate steps or equipments are needed. Sterilizer completely as you are, where you are & on the go.

Kill the harmful germs and bacteria safely and keep your peace of mind.

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