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MyTu-Tu UV Sterilizer is your Baby’s Best Friend & Protector.

Concerned with the germs prevalent when you bring your baby out in the public. Worried about the onset of more cases of HFMD? Be able to keep your baby safe from all the germs and bacteria with MyTu-Tu. This UV Sterilizer is an essential of all baby products  introduced for the very purpose for you to have full control and protection over your child. Protect your child now on the go!


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 MyTu-Tu’s the full protection works.

– Boil to kill the germs & sterilize? Think again!
– Boiling does not kills the germs fully and…
– You are poisoning your baby overtime!
– Stop unwittingly harming your child!
– Battle the harmful germs & bacteria safely  & quickly.
– Give the protection that your baby or child deserves!

Your Child’s Best Friend & Protector: MyTu-Tu.

To All Mummies & Daddies…
The Must-have of all Baby Goods! Sterilize for your Babies Completely, Safely & Without any worry…

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Have Peace of Mind with MyTu-Tu UV Sterilizer

Keeping your child safe is your choice to make. With MyTu-Tu keep your baby safe & sound as you like it to be!

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