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How to Get Baby to Stop Depending on Pacifier

Although pacifiers are useful for calming newborn babies, there comes a time when your child has to stop depending on his or her pacifier.

Once your baby starts growing older and becomes a toddler, it’s time to get them to break the habit of sucking on their pacifier.

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Why Boiling Your Baby’s Feeding Bottle, Nipples and Pacifier is Bad?

Cleaning baby products by boiling them in water may not rid them completely of germs from unhygienic matter such as bodily fluids and stools. After being boiled, these baby products may look clean but they won’t be totally sanitized. Microbiology experts believe boiling water isn’t actually an effective sterilizing agent.

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What Can Pacifiers Do To Your Precious One?

Sucking is one of the very first impulses that a baby can develop that it appears to be an instinct whenever something is placed in their mouth. You might even notice that when you first try to breastfeed your baby, you are the one quite jittery as to how you would do it while your […]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Pacifiers

Starting and ending a habit sometimes come in a breeze, that is, for most grown-ups. However, for our little angels, it might be a different story. Before establishing a certain practice with your baby, you must first be well informed on how to go about it so as not to harm your precious little one. […]

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